Nimble Brings Relationship Insights and Collaboration Workflow for Contacts to Leading Business Productivity Apps, Including Gmail and Chrome Browser

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 2, 2014–

Today the pioneer in social relationship management software, Nimble, announced the newest release of its Nimble Everywhere strategy – Version 2.0 of the Nimble Contacts Widget for Gmail. The company also debuted the ability to add Nimble’s Smart Contact profiles anywhere you work within Chrome web browsers.

Instant Relationship Intelligence, Everywhere You Work
“Let’s face it, most people’s CRM is their inbox, and they are overwhelmed with contacts and communications. Nimble brings intelligence and collaborative workflow to the inbox, and our users are turning Nimble into a verb as they use our Smart Contacts widget to prepare for more authentic, relevant and effective engagement,” said Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara. “When it comes to understanding who somebody is, the first-and-best-thing to do is to ‘Nimble them,’ and then watch as Nimble’s smart profiling technology provides a rich, complete summary of insights.”

Smart Summary of Contacts
The new Nimble Contacts Widget defaults to the Smart Summary view of any individual, which shows their bio, company information, connections in common, and educational background in a concise, easy-to-understand, plain English summary.

The Nimble Contacts Widget provides for the ability to view social streams and signals related to that contact. Nimble pulls and provides complete communications history of emails, notes, and events, in addition to social messages. The Nimble Contacts Widget also enables users to take action by adding a task, associating a new deal, rating the contact as important or starting engagement follow-ups directly within the app.

“Nimble” Any Contact Instantly From Your Browser
The ability to add a contact profile in Nimble is as easy as highlighting a name in a Web browser, right-clicking “Nimble Contact,” and letting Nimble build that contact profile automatically. The process works similarly in the Nimble Contacts Widget by using the “Import Contact” function.

This process enables the Nimble user to add contacts easily, which is enormously helpful as you come across people you may want to engage and start to build a relationship with as you encounter them across the web.

More Customers, Less Work
Today, sales people spend almost 20 percent of their time researching accounts and prospects by Googling them, with much of this time wasted. Nimble immediately trims the amount of time spent profiling contacts with its Smart Summary view, now inside the Nimble Contacts Widget.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across an article or mention of someone I’d want to approach and wish that I’d have a system in place that tells me who they are and tracks all my subsequent conversations with them,” said Julio Viskovich, Senior Digital Strategy Architect at Glacier Media. “Now, I have that accessible to me everywhere I’m at, from my browser to my Inbox.”

Available in App Stores
The Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome can be accessed from the Chrome Store. The Nimble Contacts widget for Gmail or Outlook can be directly added individually to Gmail accounts from the Google Chrome Store, Google Apps Marketplace for Google Apps domains. The Widget installs immediately and syncs automatically with your Nimble subscription.

Video Overview
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Blog Post
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About Nimble
Nimble is a pioneer in social relationship management software, which opens whole new channels for companies to engage key customers and prospects in a two-way dialogue. Nimble combines the power of traditional CRM, classic contact management, and social media into a powerful web-based social selling solution. For more information, visit Nimble can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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