SAN FRANCISCO — Life revolves around software, and software revolves around databases. So you’ve got to keep an eye on those databases.

VividCortex is totally on it. Today, during an appearance at the DEMO Enterprise conference, it launched with a nifty management tool for implementations of the popular open-source MySQL database.

The startup is looking hard at other databases, including MongoDB, Redis, and PostgreSQL, as well as other technologies underlying applications. But for now, the focus is on MySQL, which startups, enterprises, and big web companies use day in and day out. That’s how VividCortex plans to find traction right alongside contemporary tools to manage performance of entire applications.

As an early employee and executive at MySQL support company Percona, VividCortex co-founder Baron Schwartz was “constantly fighting fires” inside MySQL databases, fellow co-founder and chief marketing officer Kyle Redinger said in an interview with VentureBeat.

“The concept was to go out and build tools to make people’s lives easier,” Redinger said.

The startup constructed a user interface that goes beyond just a series of line graphs. You need “super-big brains to be able to solve problems by looking at charts and graphs,” Redinger said. It breaks out specific database queries and specifies their frequency and performance. And it monitors the health of individual slices, or shards, of MySQL databases.

VividCortex screen shot

The service can auto-discover MySQL databases in companies’ applications, and in one case, it took just a couple of minutes to install, Redinger said.

The company provides an application programming interface (API), so developers can weave VividCortex into their existing management systems, Redinger said.

Charlottesville, Va.-based VividCortex started in 2012. It has a handful of paying customers, as well as a few dozen trial customers, Redinger said. Engineers at GitHub, Dyn, Gawker, and Tumblr already use the service, according to the VividCortex website. The startup closed a $2.7 million angel round in August. Battery Ventures participated, along with a few angel investors.