Today’s funding news is short and sweet:

Imgur, the startup that doesn’t need funding, closes $40M from Reddit & Andreessen Horowitz

One of the great things about interviewing Imgur founder Alan Schaaf is his utter disregard for carefully worded responses when discussing the image sharing service’sbusiness development plans. In the five years since launching, Imgur has become astupidly successful and profitable business without a penny of outside funding. No investors mean no one to harp at you for strongly worded quotes in tech news articles. Read more on VentureBeat.

Boundary raises $22M to watch all your apps and infrastructure

These days, companies use lots of tools to ship code and deploy applications. Keeping track of everything can mean keeping a ton of browser tabs open and struggling to identify the biggest issues of the moment. Boundary has been chipping away at this challenge for the past few years with cloud-based software that brings together alerts from many sources. And today it’s announcing $22 million in new venture funding, which will give it the time and resources to make its product better and more widely used. Read more on VentureBeat.

Pigeonly files its seed funding Form D for $1M to help connect inmates to loved ones

Las Vegas-based Pigeonly Inc. filed a Form D today to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for just over $1 million as a bridge round to its seed funding. This brings its total funding to $2 million. The company, established by Frederick Hutson, a young man who once spent four years behind bars, uses data to provide the most accurate information about inmates. Its Fotopigeon product also allows for people and inmates to stay connected through low-cost mailing of photographs to inmates, and its Telepigeon service utilizes VoIP technology to lower communication costs to and from inmates.

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