The world has entered the era of live, point-of-view mass broadcasts with Livestream’s new app for Google Glass.

The new app, unveiled at the National Association of Broadcasters conference, complements an existing Glass video streaming app available through Google Hangouts.

“Hangouts is a one-to-one experience, like Skype, and more like a chat,” Livestream co-founder and Chief Product Officer Phil Worthington told VentureBeat, while Livestream’s app “is the first streaming broadcast app on Glass.”

He pointed out that a Livestream from Glass can potentially be seen by “hundreds of thousands of viewers.”

After downloading the installer, you launch the app by voice command, post the stream to an “event” you’ve set up in your Livestream account, and then tap Glass on the side to go live.

You can select the event by looking through Glass at the corresponding QR code on the Livestream website, keeping interaction to a minimum. Anytime you go live, your event followers get a notification.

Real-time chat messages from your event followers can be viewed over part of the video, and your voice replies can be heard in the audio track. Your streams can also be posted to your Facebook account.

In addition to being able to stream yourself eating your breakfast as it happens from your point-of-view to thousands of followers, the points-of-view from fellow Glass-wearing breakfast-eaters can also be streamed as a multi-camera switched production through a Livestream setup. Your POV, then his, then hers, then…

Of course, there’s that privacy thing, but, Worthington pointed out, “It’s the same issues as” video on smartphones.

Worthington, who is also an accomplished digital artist, sketched out some of the expressive possibilities of this Strange Days-like world — new kinds of citizen journalism, POVs from performers on a stage or athletes on a field, or first-person live adventures where someone else’s hang-gliding afternoon streams to your Glass.

Up until now, he said, “It’s been rare that you see the view from someone’s head.”

But get ready to put on a lot of other people’s heads.