It’s quite likely you have no idea how to manage your money — if you’re one of the roughly 75 percent of Americans who live paycheck-to-paycheck.

That stat, shared by LearnVest, does a pretty good job backing up founder Alexa Von Tobel’s mission: to help people better understand their finances.

In other words, Von Tobel believes money management is tough, and expert advice is expensive. That’s the gap investors believe LearnVest can fill.

To that point, LearnVest has news to share: It raised $27 million in “a significant up round” to expand its New York and Arizona offices.

Sitting somewhere between and a financial planning agency, LearnVest launched in 2009 to change the way women specifically handle their finances. Later, the service debuted money management tools on mobile and gradually rolled out a massive network of financial advisors.

Von Tobel tells us she’s going after the 98 percent of the country that doesn’t have access to financial planners.

LearnVest’s goals go directly against the spending habits of millions, but the company’s progress suggests strong success: LearnVest claims its user base grew by 284 last year. Fueling such growth is LearnVest’s partnerships with investment firms like Putnam.