Damballa, an Atlanta-based security software play, raised $13 million in venture funding Monday.

The company describes its platforms thus:

Damballa discovers active threats that bypass all security prevention layers. Damballa identifies evidence of malicious network traffic in real time, rapidly pinpointing the compromised devices that represent the highest risk to a business. …

Damballa protects any device or OS including PCs, Macs, Unix, iOS, Android, and embedded systems. Damballa protects more than 400 million endpoints globally at enterprises in every major market and for the world’s largest ISP and telecommunications providers.

David Scholtz, Damballa’s chief executive, said in a release, “Damballa provides automatic and indisputable evidence of successful infections so responders can immediately prevent damage. That message is resonating with a broad range of enterprise organizations around the world.”

The company said it set a revenue record for the first quarter of 2014.

The investment capital will be used to ramp up growth in North America and to expand its sales force, in addition to marketing the Damballa name.

Existing investors ponied up the cash, Damballa said in a release.