Here’s our roundup of all of the notable funding announcements from today:

Apigee raises $60M

These days, the Web is really a web: Applications depend on one another for data and services. Companies increasingly want developers to use their services, and businesses like Apigee make that move possible. No wonder investors keep backing Apigee. Today, the company announced $60 million in new funding.

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Doximity takes $54M

Back in January, the doctors’ social network Doximity already had more members than the American Medical Association. Today, it’s announcing $54 million in new funding for its “LinkedIn for doctors.”

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Sprinklr raises $40M

Social startup Sprinklr, which reports it is growing by leaps and bounds, announced today it has raised $40 million in a fourth round of funding and is launching a paid social-media management module.

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Tidemark grabs $32M

Since 2010, the people at Tidemark have spent lots of time wondering how to bring financial-planning software into the modern age. In building their own version, they chose a cloud-based architecture and made it mobile-friendly, and they added features like infographics to make it useful for lots of people at a company. And today, the company announced a new $32 million funding round, and much of the money will go toward promoting the product and signing up more customers.

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Brightpearl takes $10M

Brightpearl has more than 1,300 paying customers and says it has processed more than $1.4 billion in gross merchandise value for those businesses. Brightpearl claims it is doubling its revenue every year. And it has just picked up $10 million in investment capital to speed up product development and expand its sales team.

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Vorstack nabs $5.2

Software-as-a-service security startup Vorstack secured $5.2 million in venture funding. Vorstack’s SaaS interfaces with clients networks and virtually discerns and prioritizes cyberthreats and attacks that are specifically targeting your company. Customers that use Vorstack’s platform can analyze in real time what’s attacking your network and validate the intrusion, Vorstack chief executive Joe Eandi told VentureBeat.

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