Who does what, who gets the cash, and who’s in charge?

There’s a lot of change in enterprise these days. Companies are doing social and marketing tech, back office and front office. We’re busy with CRM and HR, finance and enterprise content management. Meanwhile, theoretically, someone’s still keeping the lights on, and someone else is ensuring privacy regulations and corporate security issues are addressed.

billion-dollar enterprise startupsMeanwhile, only 28 percent of CIOs have an “excellent” relationship with CMOs in large enterprise, according to a recent study by CIO Research.

In the new enterprise tech stack, who does what, who makes which decisions, and how do the CTO, CIO, and CMO work together to implement corporate strategy? And how are the job definitions and roles changing — or perhaps even merging?

Those are exactly the questions we’re planning to address in a free webinar on June 3.

It’s sponsored by application performance management company New Relic, and we’ve got great speakers: Hubspot’s CMO Mike Volpe; Chief Martec himself, Scott Brinker, who is also CTO of Ion Interactive; and the founder, CEO, and executive editor of Chief Digital Officer, Tim Bourgeois.

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We’ll hit on enterprise systems and marketing tech and how they interface. We’ll talk about systems of record versus systems of engagement, who pays for which, and who makes purchasing decisions. And we’ll talk about corporate data — big and small — and privacy, security, and compliance.

Most importantly, we’re going to talk about how CMOs, CIOs, and CTOs can work together to build not just a harmonious working relationship, but a single, clear, integrated digital strategy for their companies.

The speakers

Mike Volpe, CMO, HubSpot

Mike Volpe is the CMO of HubSpot, a leading inbound marketing and sales platform company based in Cambridge, MA. Mike joined HubSpot as the company’s fifth employee, and since then the company has grown from 10 customers to more than 11,000 and from 5 employees to just under 700. Mike graduated from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and Bowdoin College.

You can reach him on Twitter: @mvolpe.

Scott Brinker, Cofounder & CTO, Ion Interactive

Scott is the cofounder and CTO of Ion interactive, a marketing software company that provides a platform for web-based marketing apps for many of the world’s leading brands. He is also the author of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, chiefmartec.com, which focuses on strategy, management, and culture at the intersection of marketing and technology. Scott has degrees in computer science from Columbia University and Harvard University, as well as an MBA from MIT.

You can reach him on Twitter: @chiefmartec.

Tim Bourgeois, Founder and CEO of Chief Digital Officer

Tim Bourgeois is the founder and executive editor of ChiefDigitalOfficer.net. He is also a principal at East Coast Catalyst, a digital strategy management consulting firm. Prior to launching ECC, he spent 10 years as CEO of Pixel Bridge, an interactive marketing and web development firm, which was acquired in 2009.

Moderator: John Koetsier, VP Product, VentureBeat (moi)

I’ve run websites with millions of monthly visitors, built mobile apps with hundreds of thousands of downloads, created online learning communities with over half a million registered users, and eaten a 24-oz peppercorn steak in one glorious sitting.

After writing for VB for two years, I’m now building a new part of the company. You can reach me on Twitter: @johnkoetsier.

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