Here are the day’s funding stories:

AppDynamics gets $50M

Investors love the idea of selling software that monitors the apps of big companies for performance issues, and the latest financial news from application-performance management company AppDynamics reflects this. Investors at Silicon Valley Bank have put up as much as $50 million in the company in the form of a mezzanine capital and a revolving credit line, according to a report today from the Wall Street Journal‘s Venture Capital Dispatch.

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Fortscale takes $10M

Fortscale promises to crank security analysts’ proficiency up several notches. The Israeli security startup, which today announced $10 million in new funding, enables companies to uncover compromised user accounts. Its algorithms compare historical log data to current users’ actions to highlight suspicious behavior. Fortscale’s current solution, Fortscale 1.0, remains in private beta. The company plans to launch its commercial product later this year.

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Concurrent raises $10M

Big data startup Concurrent proves that it pays to make hard computing simpler. Concurrent founder Chris Wensel devised the open-source Cascading framework for abstracting away the complexities of running MapReduce jobs on the open-source Hadoop big data software for storing and processing lots of different kinds of data. Now Concurrent has landed $10 million in new funding.

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