Have you ever wished you could start a work-related Google Hangout from somewhere other than the good old Hangouts page you pull out from your Gmail?

Well, you’re in luck. Google has just announced on its blog the birth of the Google Hangout start button, which you can embed in any app or website.

“With this new Hangouts button, apps everywhere will let colleagues, partners, and customers meet face-to-face anytime, anywhere, and work more effectively together with just one click,” the company wrote in the announcement post.

The new start button has already been available to select Google Enterprise customers, who have have been using in a range of ways, including embedding into online collaboration files, customer support apps, and sales apps and using it to interact with job candidates.

The button is highly customizable, both aesthetically and functionally, can be rendered in markup, HTML5, and JavaScript, and is available in many languages.

Last time Google updated Hangouts features for business customers back in November, it rolled out the Global Address list, which lets team members quickly start a Hangout with anyone in their organization as auto-complete kicks in while they type a name. It also gave admins additional controls over features permissions throughout their organizations.