Glympse, an app that lets you share your location with friends or family, has launched a build for Amazon’s Kindle Fire — just in time for Amazon’s rumored smartphone announcement this morning.

“The new Kindle Fire app signals Glympse’s entry into the Amazon device ecosystem,” the press release states. The company plans to optimize the app for other devices as they come available, Glympse’s Mel Bolton told VentureBeat via email — we assume he’s referring to the upcoming Amazon phone. The app is already available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.

“The Kindle Fire app will have all the availability of the Glympse Android app, optimized for the Fire device,” Bolton said.

Glympse is unique among social-location apps in that it’s less social than some of the others, like Foursquare for example. The app is best for telling a friend, or friends, where you are — especially when you’re either running late or completely lost. Glympse’s tracking/sharing technology has also been integrated into cars, airplanes, and messaging apps.

The announcement came out in a press release touting an overhaul of the company’s app for Windows Phone 8. This latest update addresses longstanding issues with the WP8 app. For example, now you can keep sharing your location while the app runs in the background. Send your friend a Glympse, and they’ll see you hustling down the street to meet them in real-time. This update will also let you share your location with an international phone number.

Glympse recently raised $12 million in funding to hire new employees, further develop their technology, and seek out new partnerships. The company has raised a total of $20 million as of our last report.