Google today announced that it has acquired Appurify, an app testing service for developers which raised $4.5 million from Google Ventures last year.

Appurify’s service enables developers to remotely test both native apps and Web apps on cloud-connected iOS and Android devices. The service offers developers granular control over network conditions and OS versions.

According to Google, “Appurify offers the most sophisticated mobile device cloud testing service, and more importantly, they’re just as passionate as we are about delivering high quality experiences.”

Appurify’s platform supports iOS and Android apps, and it enables both automation and continuous integration testing (which developers can use to quickly test new code).

Like its competitor, Perfecto Mobile, the company has actual mobile devices hooked up to its servers for testing — no virtualized environments here. Appurify says it can also replicate real-world conditions, so you could see if your app performs any differently on AT&T’s 3G compared to Verizon’s 4G.

Following the announcement at the I/O developer conference, Google clarified that it plans to “help [the team] further scale” the developer service. Google clarified that Appurify will continue to support both iOS and Android apps as a “freemium service.”