In its quest to make you even more more productive, email app Acompli is adding some major new cloud storage integration.

With the new Acompli update launching today, you can attach and search for files directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts.

Acompli (free for iPhone and Android) differs from other email apps by giving you a quick way to access the files attached to your messages. After all, many of us end up using our email accounts as pseudo-cloud storage solutions. The new Dropbox and Google Drive integration only serves to strengthen that distinction.

The update also makes Acompli better suited for enterprise use, as it also connects with “Google Drive for Work” and “Dropbox for Business” accounts.

After testing out the new Acompli app briefly, I was surprised by how quickly I was able to dig up long-lost files from my Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. In some ways, Acompli’s search even seemed faster than the native search capabilities in those cloud storage apps.

I also noticed that I ended up missing the ability to quickly find files on cloud storage in other email apps. I suppose that makes sense — as we all spend more time on multiple devices, having a single file system in the cloud becomes more essential. The fact that I can’t easily attach a file from my Dropbox in Apple’s Mail client seems downright backwards today.