If you like ads, you’ll love Shazam’s new sales platform.

Shazam, an app for auto-identifying songs and TV shows around you, today launched “Resonate,” a service which enables TV networks to make money from “viewers who use their mobile devices while they’re watching TV,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

The launch rests on a curious notion: that television viewers prefer to engage with advertisers — instead of just ignoring them.

Music lovers “Shazam” catchy songs nearby, television lovers use Shazam to learn more about their favorite shows and actors, and then ad lovers, we suppose, “Shazam” ads to…learn more about ads?

It’s all a bit confusing. Yet as we scratch our heads, it’s clear that Shazam has piqued the interest of industry giants; the startup already ran pilot tests with the Billboard Music Awards and Chevrolet, according to the WSJ.

Major TV events have reportedly been “Shazamed” thousands — even millions of times. The company claims the Grammies, for example, was “Shazamed” 1.1 million times, although it’s not clear if these “Shazams” involved advertising at all.

Ultimately, Shazam’s new ad platform will help shape the future of so-called “second screen” experiences. Trouble is, judging from Shazam’s latest initiative, networks seem to think of second screens, such as tablets and smartphones, as advertising vehicles, not entertainment devices.