IBM today announced the acquisition of cloud-security company Lighthouse Security Group. Following the deal, IBM plans to absorb the business into its existing “security offering.”

The purchase marks IBM’s second acquisition in less than two weeks, following its CrossIdeas buy. IBM commented on the two acquisitions in an official release, pitching that “by integrating the businesses of Lighthouse Security Group and CrossIdeas with IBM’s identity and access management offering, IBM will offer a full suite of security software and services that protect and manage a user’s identity.”

Although the official release is dense with jargon, IBM made its end-goal of the acquisition pretty clear: to resolve the “challenges of data access [in a] world where companies are struggling to protect company information, including employee and customer identity.”

With this deal, IBM aims to prevent identity theft on the enterprise level, and it hopes to mint money doing just that. An IBM spokesperson later clarified to VentureBeat that the “Lighthouse Security Group” name will not be used going forward.