You might have a great website and some snazzy trinkets that you’re peddling, but at the end of the day, if you can’t keep your customers shopping on your site or actually giving you money before leaving your site, none of this really matters.

Windsor Circle, a company in the business of helping you do just that, announced today that it has closed $5.25 million in a second round of institutional funding to continue growing its team, technology, customer base, and marketing efforts.

Windsor Circle’s marketing technology helps its customers in many ways: connecting their e-commerce site, email marketing, and other data all together; analyzing their customers’ shopping history and behavior; and automating loyalty, cart recovery, product recommendations, and other campaigns.

“The modern marketer needs both data science and automation in order to personalize content and delight the consumer. We are constantly working to improve and augment our retention marketing technology and software in order to help retailers keep their customers” says Windsor Circle chief executive Matt Williamson in a statement. “This new funding both validates and enables our vision.”

The company has almost 200 retailers as customers, including Bonobos, Case-Mate, CafePress Services, SurfStitch, and Spangler Candy, most famous for its Dum Dums lollipops. Moreover, according to Windsor Circle customers on average report eighteen-fold return on investment, a 20 percent year-over-year increase in revenue from repeat shoppers, 57 percent open rates, and 12 percent click rates from using its tools.

Windsor Circle has several peers in the space, including Retention Science and Gainsight.

Comcast Ventures led the round, with existing investors Idea fund Partners and Triangle Angel Partners also participating. AOL founder Steve Case also contributed $100,000 to the round.

Windsor Circle was founded in 2011 by Scot Catlin, Chris Humphres, Matt Williamson, and Brad McGinity, and is based in Durham, N.C. The company previously raised about $3 million in total funding.