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You may think the old days of marketing are what you see pictured in episodes of Mad Men. But with a hard focus on brand marketing, inbound marketing and buying lists, even the last 10 years now look archaic against the science of predictive marketing.

Predictive marketing is essentially decision science. It’s taking internal and external data from multiple sources to make far more informed decisions about customer and vertical targeting — to know with far more precision who’s going to be your most profitable targets and most likely to convert.

“The way predictive marketing is transitioning, you’re going to see marketers acting much more like risk managers,” explains Radius CEO & Co-Founder Darian Shirazi. “The life of a risk manager is about taking external data and applying insights and analytics to decide wither to provide a loan or not. For marketers, that process is going to be the same for determining qualified customers and who to go after next.”

No question, CMO, VP Marketing or Director of Marketing titles are seeing their roles become a lot more metrics-driven. They need to understand not only what types of data will be essential to grow revenues, but as well, what types of analytic tools will help them make sense of it all, especially for people whose career path didn’t start with a math or computer science degree.

Tools like Data Box or Radius will help do just that. The attractive thing about Radius is that it combines both areas.

“Most of our customers start out buying two solutions,” says Shirazi. “They buy a data provider and go buy a bunch of BI (Business Intelligence) tools and strap them together. That typically has pretty negative results; sometimes flat growth in a lot of cases.”

With Radius, marketers are able to get vital internal data by integrating SalesForce with Radius to establish current success patterns, then layer on external data from 26 million businesses including contact info, rich information, health of the business all to identify new, profitable segments.

It’s a bold statement, but Shirazi says, “We’re thinking that in the same way CRM revolutionized the sales organization, Radius is going to revolutionize your marketing organization.”

In fact, one of Shirazi’s predictions for the future is seeing a world where Marketing and Sales all get along. The idea of the two organizations always being at each other’s throats is going to disappear as predictive marketing enables both sides to quickly understand where the issues are – exactly.

“It’s no longer about fighting each other,” explains Shirazi, “but fighting together towards the common goal of building the business.”

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