Here are today’s funding deals.

Xamarin raised over $54M

Developer platform Xamarin, which powers apps like Rdio and Tom Hanks’ megapopular typewriter app, announced a massive $54.25 million to fuel its expansion into Europe. Xamarin enables developers to build native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, in one programming language (the C# language, to be specific). According to Zamarin chief Nat Friedman, C#’s developer community numbers in the millions, and for these developers, Xamarin’s code-sharing platform is apparently a godsend.

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Alfresco fuels up with $45 million

Alfresco Software has nabbed $45 million to boost its standing in the competitive enterprise content-management (ECM) market. The company said the funding is for its go-to-market strategy worldwide, including increasing its marketing spend, adding sales people, and expanding development of its software-as-a-service platform.

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DoubleDutch raises $19M

DoubleDutch, a company that provides event tools and analytics on mobile, landed a new $19 million in funding. The company says the money will help it push its software globally. The conference-management tool gives attendees access to conference schedules, networking opportunities, and registration, all on mobile. The software also adds potential for sponsor advertising and gives event throwers a chance to survey attendees for feedback about the event.

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FeeX gets $6.5M 

FeeX just announced it raised $6.5 million in a second round of institutional funding, which it will use to continue expansion across the U.S. and to extend the company’s services beyond finding those pesky hidden investment fees on all kinds of accounts including IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457, and brokerage accounts. The service evaluates a customers’ investments and presents a big picture view of all of their fees using its proprietary algorithms. From there, FeeX gives customers ideas as to how to reduce their fees.

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Nervana grabs $3.3M 

Nervana Systems, a startup that assembles data center hardware for an increasingly trendy branch of artificial intelligence known as deep learning, announced $3.3 million in fresh funding today. This is because producing hardware for specific purposes takes money — and because Nervana isn’t the only one looking at hardware for deep learning. That style of computing entails training systems known as artificial neural networks on lots of information derived from audio, images, and other inputs and then presenting the systems with new information and receiving inferences about it in response.

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Vessyl scoops up $3M

While most of us continue to make fun of smart cup Vessyl, it keeps on going. After selling $1 million in preorders and hiring former Apple and Nike execs, Mark One, the company behind Vessyl, revealed that investors gave it money before any of us even began to write our “smart cup” jokes. It closed $3 million in seed funding to make some new hires and to help with the manufacturing process.

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Product Hunt lands $1M

Two days ago, Product Hunt, one of the buzziest communities in recent times, graduated from the most highly regarded accelerated program around, Y Combinator. And if that’s not enough for this week, the company announced that it has raised $1 million in funding and that its long-awaited iOS app is now available.

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