Google today announced its acquisition of Zync, a startup that built cloud-based image-rendering tools for visual effects companies.

People have used Zync’s software to produce more than 12 movies and hundreds of commercials.

The deal is interesting for Google on a few levels. It will bring Google new customers in the visual studio markets. And because Zync has run on the Amazon Web Services public cloud, this will give Google an opportunity to take away a technology customer from Amazon.

From a more general industry standpoint, the acquisition should make Google a bit more diversified in its cloud software offerings. That’s become increasinly important in the hot competition especially going on among Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, but also other companies gunning for cloud infrastructure business, like VMware.

Meanwhile the deal will also give Zync customers some perks. For instance, per-minute billing should make a difference for existing customers, who will be able to keep using the Zync software after the acquisition, according to a blog post from Zync.

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Boston-based Zync started in 2011 and was self-funded.

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