If you were wondering if the Oculus Rift headset had any value outside of video games, you might want to take a Lexus for a virtual spin.

That maker of high-end cars has created a motion-controlled simulator based around the Oculus Rift DK2. It employs the Facebook-owned technology to impart the sensation of driving the not-yet-available 2015 RC F model down a racetrack, a VR experience that was created from scratch in less than eight weeks.

“You forget you’re in a simulator,” VP of marketing Brian Smith told VentureBeat.

“You can see 360 degrees inside the car,” he said, adding that Lexus “is the first manufacturer to bring [the DK2] into a car.”

The RC F Rift simulator, he said, fits the “technology and innovation” brand that Lexus embodies.

The simulator will be touring car shows, beginning Thursday with the Orange County International Auto Show. A steering wheel and foot pedals help complete the sensation of barreling down a racetrack in this $70,000+ ode to speed.

Lexus_RCF_Rift_Front Angle