Today’s funding deals:

Truecaller grabs $60M

I have a rule: Never pick up calls from unknown numbers without scheduling a conversation first. Why? Ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s someone I don’t want to talk to, inconveniently interrupting my day. I don’t particularly want to change that rule, but Truecaller, a company that announced today it has raised $60 million in a third round of funding, could help me know for sure that the incoming call is indeed someone I don’t want to chat with.

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Segment picks up $15M

The company formerly known as — which now prefers just plain ol’ Segment — announced today it has scored $15 million to become an even bigger hub of customer data. The “io” was dropped from the name for simplicity’s sake, co-founder Peter Reinhardt told VentureBeat — as well as to help the company become better known “outside of the developer community.”

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Ticketbis raises $6.6M, the Madrid-based online ticket service, announced Wednesday that it has closed another round of funding, worth $6.6 million. That makes a total of $12.7 million over the past four years.

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Avaamo grabs $6.3M

A startup headed by ex-Tibco execs is launching a free text messaging and voice app today targeted at the still-open business market. Los Altos, Calif.-based Avaamo is citing the speed of the app, its encryption and other security, the ability to communicate with non-Avaamo users, and business-oriented functions as its core features. The company is also announcing today that it has raised a $6.3 million seed round.

With newly raised $6.3M, ex-Tibco execs launch Avaamo messaging app for business

Product Hunt lands $6.1M

Because being the darling of Silicon Valley wasn’t enough, Product Hunt has also raised a new $6.1 million from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, Alexis Ohanian, and Product Hunt’s existing investors. Product Hunt is an online leaderboard and community focused around tech products. It was created late last fall by Ryan Hoover with the help of Nathan Bashaw(who’s since stepped away). Community members submit, upvote, and comment on various products daily, generating buzz and conversations around everything from web development tools to unique gadgets.

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LeadGenius grabs $6M

Why hire a sales team when you can just outsource it to a young startup that specializes in sales? Yes, the latter might be a better choice for some of you, so meetLeadGenius (formerly, MobileWorks), an “end-to-end sales-acceleration solution” … that take care of it all. The companyannounced today that it has raised $6 million for its first round of institutional funding.

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TheGrid grabs $3.1M

It’s one thing for Microsoft to use its computers in sophisticated ways to lay out content elegantly. Today a little startup calledTheGrid is revealing a related service for automatically designingwebpages using what it describes as artificial intelligence. TheGrid, which last year raised more than $115,000 in a Kickstarter campaign, today announced that it’s running on a considerably heftier $3.1 million seed round.

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Jukely nabs $2.4M

The music concert gods might have answered my poor-person prayers: Jukely, a startup launching its first pilot program in New York City today, lets people attend an unlimited number of concerts for the measly fee of $25 per month. The startup, which participated in Techstars NYC’s 2013 accelerator program, is also announcing that it has raised $2.4 million in seed funding from a handful of musicindustry names. Jukely started as a service that matched friends with concerts based on their music streaming accounts before branching out to this new business model.

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Cloudcade raises $1.55M

Cloudcade has raised $1.55 million in a first round of funding for its mobile gaming studio focused on mid-core games, or titles for hardcore fans who don’t have a lot of time to play. The company is a good example of how international the game business has become. Cofounder and chief executive Di Huang is based in San Francisco, while most of the team and chief technology officer Mathieu Rouleau are based in Saint-Lambert, Canada, near Montreal. And the venture backer is IDG Capital Partners, which is based in Beijing.

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Atlas brings in $1.1M

In addition to a very cool activity tracking bracelet that we were thoroughly impressed with during its public debut last year, wearable tech startup Atlas Wearables is building a database to identify every unique body movement. The startup calls this the Motion Genome Project, which sort of harkens back to Pandora’s original music genome project, which was created to identify music and artists with similar sounds and styles. In this case, Atlas wants to use the data behind every body motion to tell you what movement you’ve just made — provided you’re wearing an activity band that’s collecting movement data. With that, it can theoretically tell you when you’re not performing exercisescorrectly or when you need to do another set to get a full workout while weight lifting.

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Fedora lands $1M

Ankur Nagpal, an entrepreneur who made a small fortune through Facebook quizzes, is now looking to help teachers get better branding and mo’ money. Fedora, the company Nagpal started last fall, is an e-commerce platform that enables teachers to sell classes and workshops through personal websites. His platform isn’t for any old teacher, though: Nagpal is targeting the best — the million-dollar teachers who have their own brands, followings, and websites.

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Qvivr raises $1M

Qvivr is an early-stage startup created by a couple of Ph.D.s “with a cool idea that is going to revolutionize the world,” as the company’s website puts it. Revolutionize the whole world? Wow. No pressure.

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