Refresh, the smart contact management app that helps people socialize and network better by finding commonalities, is taking its talents to the enterprise with a new Salesforce-integrated app.

Available now on Saleforces’s AppExchange store, the new Refresh app will enable salespeople to leverage the insights they get from their mobile app. After installing the Refresh app into their Salesforce account, it will pull in information from the Refresh mobile app, which sifts through social networks and other online information to find commonalities between people and build mini-profiles.

“Knowing a potential customer has friends in common with you, traveled to the same destination, or follows the same teams can turn a cold call into a warm lead, and that’s a big part of the value this new product delivers,” said Refresh co-founder and chief executive Bhavin Shah in a statement.

More specifically, the integration will enable salespeople to:

  • Access rich contacts where they’re most helpful: Refresh insights now appear in Salesforce, so each task and interaction benefits from more personal details – starting at the research stage and extending through qualifying leads and all the way through meetings.
  • Post insights to Chatter: Immediately alert teammates and others who can benefit from seeing key insights.
  • Save Refresh insights: Refresh insights can be written back to Salesforce records as Notes.
  • Share insights: Each helpful insight is turned into a link that can be emailed to relevant contacts.

Refresh was founded in 2011 by Paul Tyma and Bhavin Shah and is based in Mountain View, Calif. The company has raised a total of $10 million in funding from Charles River Ventures, Foundation Capital, and Redpoint. The Refresh executive team comes from companies such as, Google, Salesforce, LeapFrog, and more.