The quantified-self movement has seen massive investment and product development over the past few years. It gives the impression there’s a lot of commitment to health tech. But where do sick people fit into that?

At HealthBeat, Rajiv Mehta, Founder of Bhageera Inc., Carol Levine, Director of Families & Health Care Project for United Hospital Fund, and Dr. Wen Dombrowski, Founder of Resonate Health, are challenging the investor community to back companies that leverage wearables to improve the health of whole populations.

The three contend that much of the health-related technology we’ve seen has targeted healthy people. Smartwatches, pedometers, activity trackers, and sleep monitors will all help fitness geeks and healthy-living advocates be the best they can be. But Mehta, Levine and Dombrowski assert that sick patients, along with their caregivers, are being largely ignored.

So how do we bridge the gap? The need is as great as the opportunity.

The session is aimed at asking hard questions and identifying what’s necessary to spur investors and tech developers into action. The three believe that it’s time for the medical and tech communities to come together to identify the pain points, then determine how to address them using technology. This should be done in ways that take costs out of the system, and help sick people get healthier.

This is just one of the many HealthBeat sessions sure to spark a lively discussion. Check out the full agenda for the October 27 – 28 event, and register to save your spot.

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