Health care and interoperability haven’t been good friends. The horror stories about exchanging vital patient information between physicians, hospitals, insurers and other providers are legion. And the load of big data is increasing steadily.

All this suggests that the move to cloud solutions is as vital as it seems inevitable.

At this year’s HealthBeat, three heavyweights are ready to demystify cloud computing for healthcare and explore the enormous potential it holds.

Aneesh Chopra, former CTO of the White House under President Obama — and a defining voice of the open movement — joins Aaron Levie, Founder & CEO of Box, one of the leading innovators in cloud services, and Bob Kocher, partner at the venture capital firm, Venrock.

The cost of aggregating, storing, and managing access to patient data will be significant. Both consumer services and enterprise environments have seen benefits from making the move away from local servers to cloud solutions. And the benefit to patients in having more information accessible and easily shared will soon put to rest the notion of “my patient, my data.”

But just as exciting is the wave of innovative start-ups that are leveraging the cloud to fix systemic health care problems. The cloud opens up possibilities for smoothing friction points in the delivery system that haven’t been available before. At their HealthBeat session, Chopra, Levie, and Kocher will be sharing some of the most disruptive examples happening today.

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