Keyssa, a five-year-old stealth startup that holds a patent for “contactless secure communication” tech, today announced a $10.8 million raise in a public company filing.

job listing describes Keyssa as a “well-funded stealth startup working on leading edge connectivity technology and products (ICs and modules) using standard CMOS 60 GHz proprietary IP.” The listing claims Keyssa “is ready to launch products into the market this year.”

According to the filing, Keyssa — formerly WaveConnex — has raised a total of $26.4 million over the course of its lengthy, stealthy life and may raise $21.3 million more.

Interestingly, the SEC filing names Nest chief and angel investor Tony Fadell as a company board member (and potential investor). Public information on Fadell’s involvement with Keyssa is thin, aside from a UCLA site that claims Fadell is the chairman of Keyssa’s board. Given Fadell’s involvement, Keyssa presumably plays a role in the Internet of things trend.

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The SEC filing also names Techfund Capital partner Jim Whims.