*Update 11/13: Google raised $7.5 million three days after the launch of its Ebola donation campaign and is now no longer matching donations. The company still encourages people to donate to its partner organizations.

Google is launching a “giving” campaign today to help raise money for organizations fighting Ebola. For every dollar donated, Google donates two.

The match caps once the fund reaches $7.5 million.

CEO Larry page announced the campaign in a blog post. He said the search giant would kick off the donation period by giving $10 million to non-profit organizations including InSTEDD, International Rescue Committee, Medecins Sans Frontieres, NetHope, Partners in Health, Save the Children, and U.S. Fund for UNICEF. The Page Family Foundation will donate an additional $15 million towards efforts to contain the virus.

Google joins Facebook in launching a public fundraising campaign for the underfunded organizations fighting to quell the deadly disease. One of the biggest hurdles in containing the virus is the limited medical infrastructure in the countries most affected by it: Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. There are currently more than 13,000 cases of Ebola worldwide.