Amazon Web Services announced today that it’s diversifying into even more arenas, namely challenging companies like GitHub that host code repositories and companies that run tests on code.

The CodeCommit and CodePipeline cloud services represent big steps forward for Amazon, which is constantly trying to find ways to outdo top competitors Google and Microsoft, to say nothing of a long tail of infrastructure-as-a-service providers.

The new CodeCommit feature also means the Amazon cloud will go up against services like GitHub and BitBucket in the code-repository market. The thing is, Amazon Web Services is partnering with many companies for CodeCommit, including GitHub and Atlassian, the company behind BitBucket.

And CodePipeline will have to deal with competition from existing cloud-based continuous-integration services, including CircleCI and CodeShip. Again, Amazon will partner with both of these.

Time will tell how the services will integrate with these services. They’ll become available next year, Andy Jassy, senior vice president for Amazon Web Services, told the crowd at the cloud’s re:Invent conference.