Google today updated its Keep app with new sharing and searching functionality. You can download the latest Android version now from Google Play, the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store, and of course access the latest web version on

First up, Google Keep has become much more than just a note-taking app. You can now share your lists with friends and family, and work on them at the same time.


Google offers an example: Imagine creating a grocery list, sharing it with family members or roommates, and then having everyone check off items as they grab them from the store. The same idea can be extended to RSVPing for an event, asking for feedback as you brainstorm an idea, or figuring out details for almost anything you’re planning.

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Google says lists are updated in real-time, meaning this new editing feature is more than just sharing: It’s about collaboration. In certain use cases, you may no longer need to send multiple messages back and forth; a shared item on Google Keep could be enough to do the trick.

The second feature is all about searching within the app. Google Keep now lets you filter notes by attributes, including by color, whether they’ve been shared, include a reminder, are lists, or include an image or audio clip.

This isn’t very useful if you’re only using Google Keep to keep track of one or two things. Hardcore Google Keep users will, however, appreciate the ability to quickly sift through all their notes and find the one they’re looking for.

This a significant update for Google Keep, which hasn’t received many new features since its debut in May 2013. It’s worth noting, however, that the Android app was just refreshed last Friday to match Google’s new Material Design that the company is pushing out across its various apps and services.