The Bitcoin Foundation just issued a warning that two websites are pretending to represent the Bitcoin Foundation and conning people into giving them their Bitcoin addresses.

The two offending sites are and The Bitcoin Foundation says that it has received an influx of complaints from users about these fraudulent sites and is currently trying to have those two sites taken down.

“If you are contacted and directed to a page that looks like the screenshot below, please close your browser as you are about to be scammed out of your Bitcoins,” the foundation says in a blog post.



Bitcoin scams are far from uncommon and are one of the biggest marks against the asset. Since transactions can’t be reversed, it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to retrieve stolen Bitcoin. Some of the largest Bitcoin heists include the $454 million worth of Bitcoin lost by Mt. Gox and the $127 million worth of Bitcoin the FBI seized when it shut down the Silk Road the first time.

The Bitcoin Foundation says there may still be other sites purporting to be the organization and encourages anyone who comes across one of these sites to report it to with “SCAM SITE” in the subject line.