Budding and pro DJs alike have been using Algoriddim’s Djay app on mobile and desktop for years, with physical mixing desk integrations helping to take the tool beyond computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Now, hot on the heels of its long-awaited arrival on Android back in October, the Munich, Germany-based company is unveiling a brand new version of its flagship mixing application for Mac — designed with pros in mind.

Djay has emerged as a compelling proposition in recent times, with a first-of-its-kind Spotify tie-up back in May meaning that DJs on iOS could access and mix from more than 20 million tracks on the music-streaming platform.

The Spotify tie-in was included in the Android app when that came out, so it comes as little surprise that it’s now being added to the Mac version too.

Djay Pro for Mac offers inroads to both iTunes and Spotify libraries, meaning you can merge offline and online music easily.

7 Spotify Light Mode

VentureBeat was given a demo of the new software ahead of today’s launch, and it’s clear that this upgrade is as much to do with realigning how the software is pitched to the DJ-ing fraternity as it is about any specific new features.

Premium targeting

The company points to Apple’s Aperture app as one example of the importance of positioning an application at the right demographic in the right way.

“If you have a consumer app and you sell it at a consumer price, and you do consumer marketing and all that, then that’s fine. But pros probably won’t use it because they think it’s a consumer app,” an Algoriddim spokesperson told VentureBeat. “A lot of iPhoto users will use Aperture for many reasons. First of all, it’s better and has more features, but also they almost want to be a pro. They picture themselves going to the next level, they want professional software. What we realized is we are making professional software but marketing it towards consumers. Now, it’s a pro app that happens to have a really good user interface that even consumers can use.”

And that’s the crux of the shift right there. You’ve probably read between the lines too — yes, Djay Pro for Mac has had a price hike. The normal fee will be $79.99, quite a jump on the $19.99 of the current app, but a limited-time promotional price of $49.99 will secure you the download for now.

It’s also worth noting here that the new Mac app is a completely separate product from the existing application, and the old version is being phased out. You will still be able to use it if you’ve paid for it, but if you’re wanting to upgrade, you’ll need to cough up the full price for Djay Pro.

What you get

The all-new Djay Pro for Mac isn’t just a more expensive version of its predecessor, however. In addition to Spotify support, it includes a slew of fresh features.

Algoriddim CEO and cofounder Karim Morsy told us that having a choice of vertical and horizontal waveform layouts is crucial, with amateurs and professionals having their own individual preferences. And although you can only see two virtual turntables at any given time, you can actually mix up to four tracks simultaneously

5 Four Deck Vertical

Throw into the cauldron a live sampler and drum pads, FX racks, multiple effects, AAC/WAV recording and iTunes export, auto beat-matching mixes, and more, and Djay Pro could well prove its worth in the professional arena.

But it is perhaps worth focusing on the Spotify integration, as this is a pretty unique feature for a professional-grade DJ-ing application. Users can manage and edit their Spotify playlists directly from within Djay Pro, while it also sports an instant song recommendations “automix” feature powered by The Echo nest, which Spotify acquired earlier this year, to help you find the right tunes to mix together.

Founded in 2006, Algoriddim’s Djay app was originally a Mac-only affair before iOS came along and took the mobile world by storm, so it’s fitting that the desktop version has been given a major refresh with some big new features.

Djay Pro for Mac is available to download now from the Mac App Store. Meanwhile, you can watch the official promotional video below.