Streaming music service Deezer has added a new lyrics feature through a partnership with LyricFind, the company announced today.

“Our team of transcribers have been capturing and time-stamping lyrics literally for years,” said LyricFind chief executive Darryl Ballantyne, in a press release. “We are excited to be launching this with a brand that is as international as we are. This is a huge day for music fans.”

Starting today, users can touch a button on Deezer to pick between “sing-a-long” and “score mode.” The first provides a synchronized view of the words as the music streams, while the latter displays the entire set of lyrics.

Typically, displaying the lyrics can present some tricky rights issues, a problem Toronto-based LyricFind helps navigate. Deezer streaming rival Spotify offers a similar service via an app users can add called Musixmatch.