Book review community Goodreads rolled out a new version of its Android app today that features a better Updates feed.


Above: Goodread’s newly updated “updates feed” for Android.

Image Credit: Goodreads

Goodreads is owned by Amazon, which purchased the book review site because user-generated reviews are quite helpful in getting people to buy more books. Thus, the new feed — which conveniently comes just ahead of the holidays — should make it easier for people to find out what friends and associates are reading and enjoying.

This isn’t the only bit of attention Goodreads got recently. Amazon also added Goodreads integration into its Kindle iOS app earlier this month, which helps make its new unlimited e-book subscription service, Kindle Unlimited, look more attractive to those who consume lots of books.

The updated Goodreads Android app is available today for free via the Google Play app store and Kindle app store.