Today Stripe updated its dashboard so merchants can contribute data about fraudulent charges.

Stripe uses machine learning to detect fraudulent charges that occur on its platform. To make the model’s assessments stronger, the company is inviting merchants to notify Stripe when it misidentifies a transaction as fraudulent or when a fraudulent charge is overlooked.

The blog post says the dashboard now allows users to:

  • Report and refund charges you believe to be fraudulent — just follow the “Report fraudulent payment” link when viewing a charge.
  • Mark as “safe” charges that Stripe blocked as suspected fraud. Charges we believe to be fraudulent will appear with a status of “Blocked” in the payments list and have a prominent message on the payment detail page. If you mark one of these charges as safe, you can retry it — we will not attempt to block it again.

Stripe is hoping that by improving the algorithms behind its fraud detection system, it will reduce the need to file disputes.