G2 Crowd, which employs user reviews to rate leading software in various categories, has now tackled a less-than-sexy category.

Expense management tools.

It may not be the stuff of dreams, but it does attract attention.

“Expense management is one of the most popular categories on G2 Crowd,” G2 Crowd president Tim Handorf told me via email, “both in the sheer number of reviews that have been posted, as well as the number of buyers reading the reviews.” This is the G2 Crowd’s second report on the subject.

The reviews also indicate, he said, “that expense management platforms are used by professionals at companies of all sizes.”

And now, the envelope.

In terms of the highest overall customer satisfaction score, Certify took home the gold in this report.

The four categories in the report rate both customer satisfaction and, as determined by social and public data, the vendor presence. The top category is Leaders, occupied this time by Certify and Concur.

High Performers are the second top category, with high scores for customer satisfaction but lower vendor presence. For this report: Expensify, UNIT4 Travel & Expenses, ExpenseWatch, Replicon, Nexonia Expenses, and Journyx.

The grid, displayed in its static version at the top of this page (and here’s the live version), shows the categories as quadrants.

The rankings utilized feedback from more than 700 reviews by business professionals on the 11 products. The full report is available for $599.