San Francisco has always been known as beautiful. But in this series of photographs from Pulitzer Prize winner Vincent Laforet, the City by the Bay takes beauty to a new level.

“The overwhelming feeling I get when I fly over San Francisco,” says Laforet, “is that of peace and order. It feels like every little piece of the puzzle has somehow found its place in what is an absolutely chaotic topography. It is a true feat of engineering and city planning that so many people can live in such a confined place with crazy hills that seem to shoot up and out of the earth.”

In his new book Air, Laforet — whose photos of New York City from 10,000 feet caused a stir in January — has shown what San Francisco at its best, from the air, looks like.

“From above you can see just how vast this city is — and how incredibly tightly packed it is,” Laforet wrote. “Somehow even New York feels a little less jammed with people — which clearly makes no sense logically. But then, New York is a small island with clear borders. Downtown San Francisco is not the clear visual nucleus of the city to me. The sprawl and the bridges are.”

For fans of San Francisco, Laforet’s work is a visual delight. Please enjoy the gallery of his images.