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Marketing clouds aren’t all the same. Duh. Talk to any marketer who’s tried to make sense of the more than 2,000 products available, and you might see their eyes glaze over at the sheer volume.

It’s exactly why VB Insight dove in to uncover the truths inside the marketing cloud ecosystem. We saw that marketers needed a way to understand the strengths – and shortcomings – of what’s offered.

The result is a120-page report reviewing 18 marketing clouds in five different categories including enterprise-grade solutions (Adobe, IBM, Salesforce, and others), evolved marketing automation platforms (like Marketo) and single-platforms built for a single defined purpose such as personalization, customer experience, or omnichannel (such as SDL, Sitecore, Sailthru, and AgilOne.)

At the risk of boasting, we’re confident that the report is likely the most detailed, comprehensive, and data-driven marketing clouds report ever created. (And yes, we’re familiar with the recent marketing clouds reports from the big research houses.)

In this don’t-miss webinar, we’ll cover all the essentials of the report and make sense of the differences between the various platforms. And which ones are best for different size companies and needs.

But we’re not beyond teasing, so here’s a little preview: Adobe led the crowd in our 12-category scoring matrix followed closely by Salesforce. We’ll explain why in detail.

But even though they scored lower overall because of a more single focus, it would be a mistake to ignore some of the newer players emerging from the customer experience and omnichannel space: companies like Sitecore, SDL, Salithru and AgilOne.

But how do you know what you need? And when? VB Insight’s VP of Research John Koetsier, and Ticketfly’s VP of Marketing Kristina Wallendar will be talking about just that — and more.

What else you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • What’s a marketing cloud, anyways?
  • Features of marketing clouds, and which ones are most and least used
  • Marketing cloud penetration data, including who is using them
  • The 5 different kinds of marketing clouds
  • Vendors’ scores on 12 different categories
  • VB’s “best bet” marketing clouds for enterprise, midmarket, small companies, and startups
  • At look at marketing cloud ROI


John Koetsier, VP of Research, VB Insight John leads VB Insight’s team of analysts and researchers and brings a long background in technology and marketing: building sites, apps, and companies, and have been a full-time digital journalist. I’ve built social sites, managed local search sites, built mobile apps. And I’ve managed teams creating software for partners like Intel and Disney. In addition, he’s managed product families with over $75M in annual revenues, and successfully run international bizdev, closing 6-figure contracts with F100 companies.

Kristina Wallender, VP of Marketing, Ticketfly Before joining Ticketfly, Kristina spent 6 years at in B2B and B2C Marketing and Operations leadership roles. She has deep experience in digital marketing, using data to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. She is passionate about helping businesses succeed with actionable, data-based insights and automated marketing. Kristina received her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Kelly Seelig, Head of Marketing & Communications, Blue Jeans Network Kelly has been connecting people and technology for nearly 20 years. With responsibility for global marketing programs, brand management, and corporate communications, Kelly’s team drives awareness for Blue Jeans across enterprise, technology, entertainment, and education to customers looking for the best in innovative video collaboration technologies. Prior to Blue Jeans, Kelly has successfully built and managed corporate brands for notable Silicon Valley startups Cobalt Networks and Bloom Energy.

Allyson Campa, VP of Marketing, Dot & Bo For over 20-years, Allyson has overseen growth of innovative consumer services at companies such as such as Yahoo, Intuit, Skype and numerous startups. Her most recent roles include SVP Marketing at Qik (acquired by Skype), CMO at SuperSecret, and VP Marketing at Metacafe. Allyson has also worked with dozens of entrepreneurial companies in interim head of marketing, advisory or consulting capacities focused on strategic growth initiatives. She is the founder and former CEO of Bravanta, an e-commerce meets SaaS solution for corporate rewards.  Allyson has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.S. in Computer Science from Duke University.

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