Reddit, the social news site that lets users submit, discuss, and “upvote” articles and anecdotes, has quietly introduced an official new feature that lets users customize the look of the whole site, but it’s only available to premium subscribers.

Though Reddit is free to use, Gold members pay $4/month or $30/year for extra benefits such as no ads, customized avatars, new-comment highlighting, and now customized themes.

Subreddits, the subsections of Reddit specific to a given topic, could already be customized by the creators so sections would sport a different look. With these new themes, however, a subscriber can now decide for themselves how the entire site looks.

For this rollout, Reddit worked with Redditors who had already created popular subreddit styles, to develop themes for the Gold memberships.

Carbon by ggitaliano

Above: Carbon by ggitaliano

Image Credit: ggitaliano [Reddit]
NautClassic by Cryptonaut

Above: NautClassic by Cryptonaut

Image Credit: Cryptonaut [Reddit]

There’s also a checkbox that lets users override subreddit styles, so that the whole site can sport the look of their choice. This is opt-in though, and can be done on a subreddit-by-subreddit basis. Or, a user can simply disable the “Allow subreddits to show me custom themes” option in their settings, if they really don’t want to see any individual subreddit styles.


Above: Override

Image Credit: Reddit

Founded in 2005, Reddit has grown to become one of the most popular social communities on the Internet. After raising $50 million last year in its first major funding round, the company reported its biggest year yet with 71 billion page views, though didn’t divulge its unique visitors. We do know, however, that on a monthly basis it has in the region of 160 million uniques, so that gives some indication of its size.