In the old days, sales was a game of numbers. You would grab a phone directory and systematically contact everyone in the list until you found someone who might want to buy what you’re offering.

It was brutal. It was time consuming. It was, at best, ineffective. Leading sales researchers pegged the chance of closing business from a cold call at 1 percent, and that’s if you were good at selling.

Now, thing have changed. The advent of social media, social listening, and other sales technologies have all but eradicated the cold call — all introductions are at least “warm” these days. However, unless you have a black belt in social and the right tools at hand, finding purchase intent signals is still a hard thing to manage.

Today, DiscoverOrg has announced OppAlerts to do exactly that — tell you when IT decision-makers are likely to be contemplating a purchase, and what products or services they are likely to buy.

“OppAlerts provides sales-ready predictive intelligence that enables our customers to understand how and what technology buyers are researching on a daily basis and ultimately where to target potential customers in the sales process,” Henry Schuck, CEO of DiscoverOrg, told me.

DiscoverOrg is the solution that lets salespeople gain access to thousands of organizational charts, and it provides sales intelligence on target individuals.

By adding OppAlerts, DiscoverOrg now provides purchase intent data. Here’s how it works.

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It analyzes more than 30 million rows of 180 million unique cookies every day. Data from more than 250 B2B publishers is fed through its big data engine to identify increased consumption of technology-related articles, whitepapers, case studies, and analyst briefings. This data analysis, coupled with the research and direct contact verification of DiscoverOrg’s in-house team, helps users uncover accurate purchase intent and primed opportunities at the beginning of the buying cycle.

For example, imagine getting a notification that one of your top prospects has increased their consumption of conversion rate optimization (CRO) articles by 300 percent in the past few days. That is a potential indicator that the prospect is about to enter a buying cycle for a CRO tool.


This opportunity data is tied together with DiscoverOrg’s existing contact, organization chart, and technology install base information to provide everything a salesperson could need before making the call.

In addition to increased consumption of articles on a topic, I wondered what else DiscoverOrg is measuring to enhance the purchase intent signal?

“We are also layering in job post data. For example, if someone is doing research on storage and then they have a job posting for a ‘flash storage initiative,’ that boosts the score. We also look at offline resumes where people highlight projects they are working on to layer in scoring,” Schuck said.

In total, DiscoverOrg is tracking over 20,000 organizations for purchase intent across over 1,500 categories of product or service, including business intelligence, CRM software, data visualization, information security, data center, networking, telecom, and storage solutions.

And because the person you already know at a company may not be the one responsible for the product showing up in the OppAlerts notification, new opportunities are automatically aggregated with DiscoverOrg’s complete dataset of more than 400,000 contacts to identify those responsible for related purchases.

With most marketing technology advancements coming in the B2C space, it is refreshing to see a solution that helps to support the world’s second-oldest profession. Are we seeing a renaissance in B2B and sales technology?

“We absolutely are. In fact, lately there has been a resurgence in B2B sales technologies and investments,” Schuck said. “Take a look at, which is essentially a dialer with built-in analytics to help your sales teams be more efficient, or all the activity in the predictive intelligence space. Companies are realizing the value of leveraging technology to make their sales teams more efficient and effective. In the next 3-5 years I expect there will be a huge renaissance in sales technology.”

B2B sales teams can start working with DiscoverOrg’s OppAlerts from today.