Peer-to-peer mobile payment app Venmo has built its reputation on making exchanging cash with your friends social. Now it’s stepping up its emoji game with an auto-complete app.

Today the company is launching Emoji Autocomplete for iOS in the App Store, an update to its keyboard that will give you suggestions for emojis as you type.

Within Venmo the feature can be used for notes. When you send a payment, Venmo gives you the option of attaching a note to explain what the cash is for. That note then appears in a feed of your friend’s transactions. The app already allows you to use emojis, but this new keyboard encourages users to use them more.

It works like this: You start typing a word like “rent” and the app will serve you the option to autocomplete with the word itself or a picture of a house and cash.

Of course, you can always turn off the feature, if speaking emoji isn’t for you.