We’re now in the midst of a global fintech transformation. The latest trends in consumer experiences for devices such as mobile, wearables, and other online advancements are steadily increasing consumer expectations for fintech innovations. In parallel, a generational shift in users is unfolding and meeting their needs may be even more complicated than ever — yet, this will open up more and more opportunities to engage in new ways.

From smart watches to mobile devices, new technologies offer quicker and easier ways to check account balances or provide alerts and loyalty rewards. Most significantly, perhaps, the ability to make payments via wearable devices using mobile wallets such as Apple Pay means financial institutions can play a greater role in financial management and purchasing decisions.

This means that fintech startups are poised to be powerful contributors to the growth of innovation in the banking sector. In fact, many believe that the non-bank services are destined to take over where financial institutions have lost ground.

This convergence of major trends — cloud computing, open software, generational shifts, and big data/analytics — means that it is easier than ever for small, innovative technology startups to quickly turn their ideas into marketable products across multiple channels.

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For this webinar, we’re calling on all innovative fintech startups to join us to get essential insights on what it will take to succeed and thrive in this era of disruption. Our panelists include successful disruptors who have lived through the transformation and understand the needs of all stakeholders: the consumers driving the revolution, the banks who hold the critical consumer data, and the fintech startup community headstrong on change.

What you’ll learn:

  • What’s driving change in fintech
  • How to prepare for the coming wave of new technology
  • How to prepare for Generation Z
  • Why collaboration is the path forward to create killer fintech applications 


Josh Gordon-Blake, SVP of Global Partnerships at Pangea

Dr. Richard M. Smith, Founder and CEO of TradeStops

Elizabeth Gunderson, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Yodlee Interactive

This webinar is sponsored by Yodlee.