Thanks to digital advances, CMOs have multiple channels and devices available to help them reach customers. But with this increased potential comes the challenge to create unified customer experiences that connect the online and offline worlds.

Flipkart and Yummly have met this challenge with targeted technology and personalization strategies, and they will share their insights at GrowthBeat August 17-18.

Launched by a two-person team in 2007, Flipkart now has 20,000 employees. Its creative use of technology and customer service has made it the first billion dollar company in India’s e-commerce sector.

Behind its success story is a strategy for online and offline convergence. With a robust website and special deals on its mobile app, Flipkart serves customers across multiple devices. Its same-day guarantee combines online convenience with instant gratification levels on par with in-store shopping, made possible by its 13 warehouses and busy team of delivery professionals.

Increased smartphone access helped Flipkart break down barriers to purchase. If a customer sees an item she likes in the real world, she can upload a photo of it and find it on Flipkart using the image search feature. Flipkart’s team also uses data science to better understand its customers’ desires and provide informed product recommendations.

Flipkart has experienced rapid growth by converging its marketing channels, and Yummly is having similar success. In 2010, Yummly set out to become the ultimate kitchen tool. Now it is the fastest growing digital food tech startup.

Yummly offers recipe recommendations and filtered recipe searches based on dietary needs, food preferences or a checklist of ingredients in a user’s cupboard, and allows users to easily save and share recipes. Users can also take their recipes and smart shopping list on the go with the Yummly app – a great example of bridging online and physical activities.

Next week at GrowthBeat, VB reporter Mark Sullivan will moderate a convergence-focused breakout session featuring Flipkart’s senior director of growth and online marketing, Mausam Bhatt, and Yummly’s COO, Brian Witlin.

Over the past several years, Witlin and Bhatt have been integral to the success of these two prolific startups. They have successfully converged online and offline channels to create a unified customer experience and drive growth.

Get your GrowthBeat ticket and come find out what Flipkart and Yummly have learned on their paths to convergence success.