Payment processing service Stripe today announced that the tool its consumers can use to check out and make purchases online can now work in a few languages other than English. Developers can program Stripe’s checkout tool to handle Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish.

That might sound like a nice update to encourage international usage, but there are real financial effects, too.

“We tested this feature with over 220,000 customers across different types of businesses and found that displaying a translated Checkout converts significantly better for many companies — in particular, where the rest of their website is translated,” Gabriel Hubert, who heads up new markets for Stripe, wrote in a blog post today. “For those sites, revenue from non-English speakers increased by between 7 and 12 percent — a huge jump for one tiny checkout change.”

San Francisco-based Stripe, now reportedly valued at $5 billion, wants to do more business outside the U.S. The service is currently available officially or in public beta in 17 countries, with another four countries in private beta. Stripe supports more than 100 currencies.

As Stripe adds support for checkout in even more languages, the company stands to further encourage transactions, and therefore its own revenue. Stripe brings in 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for every successful charge.