Marketing data and analytics company Neustar will acquire the marketing technology company MarketShare Partners.

The deal was originally reported by the Wall Street Journal Thursday afternoon, but the companies have now confirmed that it is in place.

The WSJ said Neustar would buy MarketShare Partners for $450M, though that number has yet to be confirmed.

Neustar is one of many data companies now focused on providing the consumer data used by advertisers to deliver targeted advertisements. The company also owns a data management platform.

MarketShare works with large brands, using a data approach to identifying the advertising channels that will yield the best returns.

From the Neustar blog post describing the deal:

“The addition of MarketShare will enable us to offer a complete, data-driven solution to CMOs as they plan, optimize, and allocate their online and offline marketing budgets and resources. In the increasingly complex world in which major brands operate, this really matters.”

Chief marketing officers, Neustar said, will be able to access data to understand which of their marketing activities are pumping up sales and which aren’t. They’ll also be able to understand how much money to spend on marketing in different customer segments and markets.

The companies saw synergies months ago, and last summer announced a partnership that eventually led to this merger.