Demandbase today announced its new B2B Data Cloud, an open data platform designed to serve relevant ads and website content to qualified sales prospects as they move through the sales process.

The new data cloud is built around Demandbase’s original secret sauce — a large database that associates IP addresses with company information, so that clients can detect when an employee of a prospect company is visiting its website or viewing one of its ads. Demandbase can also serve advertising based on the position of the employee within the prospect company.

The Demandbase cloud can then draw on demographic and behavior data from the client’s existing CRM (customer relationship management) system and from third-party data sources to determine (in milliseconds) the most strategic and relevant ad or website content to present.

Demandbase founder and CEO Chris Golec

Above: Demandbase founder and CEO Chris Golec

The prospect might encounter the client’s marketing content in programmatic ads around the web, or on the client’s own website. A full record of a prospect’s contact with the client’s content or people is captured in the client’s CRM system.

Demandbase CEO Chris Golec pointed out that the data cloud is designed to influence businesses, not consumers. The company refers to its overall strategy as “account-based marketing,” because its cloud helps clients market to whole business accounts that often involve multiple influencers and decision-makers.

Golec said B2B marketers have often been stuck with traditional consumer marketing platforms, which rely on cookies (small bits of tracking html in users’ browsers) but are nearly useless in B2B sales.

“The $35 billion market for B2B solutions has been massively underserved by cookie-based consumer technologies with data models that simply don’t extend across advertising, marketing technology and CRM solutions,” Golec said in a statement.

The Demandbase cloud, by contrast, is strictly business. “Now, sales and marketing can get a holistic view of target accounts and measure results by sales activity, not just a click or impression,” Golec said.


Golec pointed out that his company’s cloud can connect to hundreds of ad exchanges, marketing technologies, and CRM systems via APIs (application programming interfaces).

Demandbase client companies can leverage its hundreds of millions of business profiles, a proprietary real-time bidder built for B2B, and an account-based performance dashboard.

Demandbase is based in San Francisco.