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Whenever you can automate an aspect of your business, you can generally expect to achieve a hefty speed increase in how your company completes that process. However, when you’re talking about mobile marketing automation (MMA), that improved speed also brings high-quality results.

MMA is all about eliciting data that your marketing team can use to make real-time and future engagement decisions. It helps you engage with your logged-in customers as well as those tricky anonymous users that you haven’t wrangled…yet. With mobile being high growth as well as high churn, how you talk to mobile users can be a critical part of your profitability.

To get some additional MMA insight, we spoke to Marissa Tarleton, chief marketing officer for North America at RetailMeNot, a marketplace platform that helps retailers and brands connect with millions of active shoppers.

Tarleton’s also a panelist at this upcoming webinar and she’s seen more than a few MMA mistakes that companies are committing — and provides some hotspots that your mobile-marketing team should focus on to help boost the quality of your company’s customer conversations:

1. Put mobile first: “As you plan your strategy, as you allocate your dollars, as you leverage your data, you need to start with mobile first, and there are a lot of brands that are failing to do so. Prioritizing your spend in other categories ahead of mobile is likely a poor investment.”

2. Watch all channels: “Mobile is a vehicle that includes a lot of channels — e-mail, push, geo alerts, in-app messaging. You need to think about all of those, and not just mobile in and of itself.”’

3. Consider scale: “A lot of advertisers and brands use geotargeting to enable some of their mobile strategy, which has been very successful, but if there’s no scale and the batches are too small, you can find it’s not an effective vehicle, because you don’t have a large enough audience.”

4. It’s personal: “Critically important is the lack of mobile being personal. A lot of brands and retailers think of mobile as push and blast. I think it’s really important to leverage your data, to understand what customers need and where they need it, and be specific to them, so that all of your mobile communications are as relevant and personal as possible. For instance, if someone works at a mall, you should avoid blasting your message to them; you should be able to identify someone shopping as opposed to an employee driving past the workplace.”

5. Turn consumers into customers: “A lot of brands spend in national advertising for mobile from an awareness perspective, but they don’t translate that into commerce. Geotargeting is a good way of doing that. Building the right mobile destination — even if it’s an “M” website — is also a great opportunity to do that, as well as partnering with an app that enables the in-app commerce experience and in-store transactions.”

MMA is new technology, with even the biggest players only having started to focus on it in the last year or so. That means the best tips and tactics are being rewritten every day. If you want to stay on top of this rapidly changing landscape, you’ll want to get in on the valuable information this webinar has to offer.

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Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat

Marissa Tarleton, CMO, RetailMeNot


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

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