As a person born in the ’70s and raised in the ’80s, there are certain things that I miss purely out of nostalgia. For instance, Polaroid cameras. These were the original selfie generator, where snapping a photo and then shaking a physical Polaroid picture for a few minutes was considered “instant content generation.” And then passing it around your immediate circle of friends was as “going viral” as it got.

As a member of Generation X, I’m still desperate to hold onto the antiquated concept of creating something tangible. It looks like Prynt Corp. may have my back on this topic with their latest product. The Prynt Case.

The Prynt Case attaches to any popular model smartphone and turns it into the modern version of the Polaroid camera, by allowing me to both take a digital picture and instantly print out a physical copy as well. The picture that is printed, however, contains more than meets the eye. Using the Prynt Case app, I’ll be able to then point my phone’s camera at the physical picture, which will create an augmented reality experience where the photo will play a 6-second video, corresponding to the content in the picture.

The Prynt Case completed a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, which absolutely crushed its original $50,000 goal by raising over $1.5M in pledges — making it the most successful French-produced Kickstarter campaign ever. Prynt Case units are reportedly shipping now for those who threw down on their Kickstarter.

That sort of crowdfunding reaction shows there are more people like me than I thought. Those who yearn for the nostalgia of a Polaroid, yet still want to keep their life firmly planted in modern tech. Clement Perrot, CEO of Prynt Corp., seems to know what I mean: “We wanted to bring back that nostalgia from the days when photos were something to be treasured, but in a way that is relevant to the 21st century and digital world. When everyone has a great camera in their pocket, we tend to take too many pictures and forget about them.

“There’s something magical about being able to hold a physical photograph in your hand, but then relive and pass on that moment as a secret keepsake to someone special.”

The Prynt Case can be ordered off of their website for $150, and comes in black or white. The product is compatible with iPhone 6/6S/5/5s/5C and Samsung Galaxy S4/S5. The Prynt Case will ship with 10 sheets for free, with refills available at $25 per 50 sheets.