Twitter has announced that it has updated its polling feature, giving users the ability to customize how long the polls lasted for. By default they were 24 hours, but now it can be modified to run as short as five minutes or as long as seven days. This comes after the company revealed that more than 1.7 billion votes have been cast since the feature’s inception.

Polling first launched in October on iOS, Android, and the Web as a new way to help people express their opinions. Users created their query from Twitter’s native apps and initially were limited to just two answer choices. Eventually that broadened to include more choices for respondents. As stated earlier, polls would stay open for 24 hours and users were limited to answering only once.

For the first time, Twitter revealed how rapidly its users adopted polling. Since October 2015, there have been 1.7 billion votes cast; based on rough math and using the 320 million monthly active users, this equates to 1.77 votes cast per user per month.