Twenty years to the day after the New York Times opened for business on the Web, the media giant has launched an online multimedia time capsule outlining key milestones at the Times over the past two decades.

A History of features a scrollable timeline with clickable boxes that serve up photos and stories, taking you back to that moment in time. The capsule is the first fruits of an investment the Times recently made into a platform called the History Project.

Digital Time Capsule

Above: Digital Time Capsule

The capsule also offers up video and audio content, including interviews with people involved in the evolution of its website.


Above: Story

The New York Times recently passed one million digital-only subscribers, four years after it introduced a paywall. But its technological ambitions extend beyond merely porting its print content to the Internet. The publication recently revealed it’s working on a slate of virtual reality (VR) films, and distributed more than a million Google Cardboard VR viewers to readers in the U.S. in anticipation.