Leeo announced today that it is now integrated with the automating service IFTTT. What this means is that you’ll be able to have more smart products, apps, and web services communicate with its smart alarm monitor for fire and carbon monoxide.

Founded by Adam Gettings and Eddy Chan, Leeo specializes in building products around the connected home. Its first offering looks like a night-light but functions as a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The device is trained to detect alarms from your existing detectors and, if they go off, notify you via the mobile app. Think about it as a kind of smart hub for your home, aimed at those who don’t want to install expensive devices or are unable to because they rent.

IFTTT has created a channel specifically for Leeo device owners, complete with a few “recipes” that include turning its LED night-light to blue if a weather forecast calls for rain, turning on all the smart lights in the home if there’s an alarm, turning off the smart thermostat if the carbon monoxide alarm is triggered, and changing the Smart Alert color if you’ve been tagged in a Facebook photo.

IFTTT's Leeo channel

Various triggers can be implemented, such as when an alarm goes off, new sensor readings are received, or temperatures or humidity cross a certain threshold. Alerts that can be set up in response to these conditions include the light changing color or lights turning on or off.

In a statement, Gettings celebrated the integration by saying: “IFTTT is a great way to get smart home devices and apps talking to each other for increased safety, security, and convenience. This integration greatly expands the functionality of the Smart Alert and we’re looking forward to seeing what recipes our customers create on Leeo’s IFTTT channel.”

Leeo appears to be working diligently to get itself back on track after a bit of a stumble early on. Soon after it began selling its smart alert monitors on Amazon and its own website, the company laid off 30 percent of its employees. VentureBeat had heard that “sales were definitely pretty terrible,” and a company spokesperson said that the move was a realignment so Leeo could “focus on innovation on the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight and an exciting line of connected home products to be announced later this year.”

While the company hasn’t released any new products since, it has opened up new retail channels. Its signature product is available at Best Buy and Lowe’s hardware stores throughout the United States. In May, Comcast announced it had integrated its Xfinity Home Business with Leeo.

Leeo has raised approximately $37 million in venture funding, to date.