The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched the Raspberry Pi 3, a third-generation model of the popular Raspberry Pi mini computer.

Priced at $35, the Raspberry Pi 3 boasts many of the same features as its predecessor, including HDMI, ethernet, and 4 USB ports. But the latest incarnation also lays out the red carpet for built-in wireless support, Bluetooth 4.0, and a faster 1.2GHz, 64-bit, quad-core ARMv8 processor. The Raspberry Pi 3 goes on sale for the same price as the Pi 2, so deciding which to opt for is a no-brainer, should you find yourself in the market for one of these devices.

Raspberry Pi 3

Above: Raspberry Pi 3

If you’re new to Raspberry Pi, the credit card-sized contraption is designed as an easy point of entry for budding programmers and hackers. It has come a long way since its inception way back in 2012 — four years ago to the day.

It initially only supported a handful of operating systems, including Linux, but a processor upgrade in the Raspberry Pi 2 last February means it now supports Windows, too. This essentially opened up the opportunities for what you can do with the microcomputer, transforming it into a machine capable of many of the same things as a traditional PC. And back in September, Raspberry Pi unveiled a new 7″ touchscreen display, making it easier for tech tinkerers to build their own tablets or other devices that rely on visual outputs.

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More than eight million Raspberry Pi units have shipped in the past four years, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation now has more than 60 employees.